Man Records All Of His Treadmill Runs As He Loses Weight

A brave man recorded all of his topless treadmill runs as he lost over forty pounds in eight months.

Billy Richards, 25, recorded his incredible weight loss journey in time-lapse footage that was recorded as he worked out at his home in London. The first entry was filmed on January 1, 2019 after Billy decided to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution. Billy can be seen running without a shirt on a treadmill with an electric fan in front of him.

By August 1, Billy said that he had lost 13 stone and 6 pounds. The video ends with a side-by-side montage of Billy’s journey which shows just how amazing his results really are.

Billy said that he had seen noticeable results not only to his physique but also to his health and mood, which improved greatly as he lost weight.

“I felt slow and unwell before I lost weight,” Billy said. “Now I have so much more energy and I am a lot happier. I wanted to lose weight to become happier and enjoy my life more.”

“I have found it quite hard, I have had a few lapses,” Billy added. “I eat junk food when I am stressed so this happened a few times but I managed to get back on track. Everyone has said I look great now, they have noticed a big loss from my face.”

Billy’s weight loss journey is inspiring people all over the world to try and get healthy themselves. Check out his full journey for yourself in the video below!


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