Lawyer Gets Life Changing Makeover After Having Same Hair For 40 Years

Diana is a lawyer who has had long hair since high school, but she recently decided it was time for a change. That’s how she ended up at the Minneapolis, Minnesota studio of Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy.

Christopher specializes in giving makeovers to women over the age of 45, so Diana knew that she would be in good hands with him.

“Diana has had long hair for nearly 40 years,” Christopher wrote in the video description for her makeover. “She was looking for a classic, polished look that was appropriate for a lawyer of her standing. Though she has fabulous naturally curly hair, it did not suit her. We worked together to combine her curl with some tailored polish.”

Diana’s hair has a natural curl, so Christopher gave her a style that played that up while also not giving her too much extra work.

“He was determined to show me how to play with my natural curl, and he taught me some new styles and some new things I can do,” Diana said afterwards.

Diana is completely thrilled with her new shoulder-length hair.

“I feel polished, I feel like my expectations were exceeded,” she said.

Social media users can’t get enough of Diana’s new look.

“Lovely makeover! Christopher gave this lady just what she was hoping for and more- so happy for her. She looks gorgeous!” one person commented, with another adding, “Upon closer inspection, yes it’s the same person. However the makeover shaved away years! The ‘before’ video could be your older sister!! Yep, the makeover is a very polished and youthful change! Very nice indeed!”

It’s amazing how a simple makeover can give someone a whole new lease on life! Check out Diana’s makeover for yourself below.


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