Husband Tears Up When He Sees Wife’s Incredible Makeover

Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy, is a beauty expert from Minneapolis, Minnesota who specializes in giving makeovers to women over the age of 45. That’s why a woman named Monaya decided to go to his salon when she wanted to change up her look.

“This is love,” Christopher captioned the video of her makeover. “Monaya had grown out her white hair that she has colored to dark brown for over 30 years. I loved her natural color so this is what happened. Of course there was much more to this process, but here’s one minute of the wonderful day with her.”

Before her makeover, Monaya opened up about how she’s felt over the past few years.

“I’ve just felt kind of ‘blah’ in the last couple years,” she said.

Once Christopher was done with her, Monaya was definitely not “blah” anymore.

Monaya’s husband was standing nearby throughout the makeover, and he said that her hair was starting to look like it did when she was in high school as Christopher chopped and bleached it.

“Now all we need is a Ramones shirt and a short black mini skirt,” he joked.

When the makeover was finished, Monaya’s husband was in tears when he saw how good his wife looked.

“I kinda had this look in mind, to be honest… I think she’s gonna be much more comfortable and it makes her look -” he said.

“Sexy? Come on, say it,” Monaya pushed him.

“You look sexy and sophisticated,” he added.

Monaya’s makeover has quickly become one of the most popular makeover videos that Christopher has ever posted. Check it out for yourself below!


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