Homeless Veteran Gets Brand New Car From Billionaire Who Is Trying To Help Others

A homeless U.S. Army veteran just got the surprise of his life when a millionaire traveled 1,000 miles to give him a new car. Michigan billionaire Bill Pulte loves traveling the country to help out people who need it.

“I’m trying to inspire the average American,” he explained.

Scott is a 59 year-old served in the U.S. Army from 1979 to 1982, and he has recently been struggling to save up money to buy an apartment. Gretchen Smith, an Air Force veteran who founded a nonprofit called Code of Vets, found Scott in a transitional housing shelter and told Bill about him.

Scott was brought to a car dealership by a retired colonel on a pretext, and he was left speechless when Bill told him he was giving him a car.

“Get outta here! Oh, man. What? Oh, man, I’m ecstatic!” Scott said. “I don’t have words right now. This is heaven-sent.”

Bill explained that he is trying to change the way people think about charity by bringing it to their attention through Twitter. The 31 year-old businessman has expanded his followers from a handful to nearly a half-million in just two months by giving away money in amounts ranging from $5 to $10,000.

Bill has done things like buy Americans groceries and air conditioners, paid for veterans’ dentures and heating bills, covered funeral costs and funded the rehabilitation and education of an African orphan. He’s even convinced hundreds of people to look at the classroom supply wish-lists of a growing number of teachers, and buy everything on them.

“Anyone wanna help this teacher with school supplies? Here’s her Amazon wish list,” Bill tweeted last Friday alongside a list of items a North Carolina kindergarten teacher hoped her friends and family would fund.

Bill has already committed $100,000 from his own pockets to retail-level acts of charity that defy the traditional model of centralized organizations collecting and distributing cash.

“I am taking out the middle man and giving the money directly to the people,” he tweeted last month. “No more fancy dinners and all that overhead. Give the money right to the cause!”

Watch Bill give Scott his new car in the video below.


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