Homeless Dog Has Perfect Reaction To First Bath

Blossom is a dog who was in very rough shape when she first arrived at the WOOF Pet Rescue Society in Oklahoma. She had been found cowering on the front porch of an abandoned house, and some Good Samaritans contacted WOOF Pet Rescue to come and get her.

Rescue workers tried to catch Blossom, but she did not make it easy for them.

“It wasn’t an easy catch, she did not want to be on the catch-pole and fought us all the way to the crate that we had waiting, but once secure in the crate she settled down and by the time we got to WOOF she was happy to be near us and although still cautious, seemed to be relaxed enough to enjoy some human contact,” WOOF recalled on Facebook.

A vet examined Blossom when she got back to the rescue’s headquarters, and she was found to have no serious illnesses or injuries. After her check-up, Blossom was given what was likely the first bath of her life. Blossom seemed a bit nervous at first, as she had no idea what was happening. Soon, she started to relax, and it became clear that she enjoyed being pampered!

After her bath, Blossom relaxed in the water for a few more minutes, as she was in no rush to get out. Blossom spent a few more weeks at the shelter, and she gradually came out of her shell. A family soon fell in love with Blossom and adopted her, giving her the loving forever home that she always deserved!

Blossom loves her new home, where she enjoys napping and playing fetch with her human siblings. Based on the video below, we have to imagine that she loves a good bath as well!

Check out Blossom’s first bath ever in the video below.


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