Hiker Reveals Metallica Saved Her And Her Dog From Hungry Cougar

A Canadian hiker is saying that her favorite Metallica band saved her life and her dog from a hungry cougar.

Dee Gallant was out hiking with her dog Murphy in the wilderness on Vancouver Island in British Columbia last week when she suddenly found herself in a terrifying situation. As she walked through the woods with her dog, Dee noticed that they were being stalked by a cougar standing 50 feet up the trail. When she noticed that the cougar was slowly creeping towards them, Dee yelled at the cat to stop, but she saw that it was still crouched in a predatory position with it’s gaze fixed on them.

Dee knew that she had to scare the cougar away before it pounced, so she began yelling and waving her arms at it. Despite her best efforts, the cougar remained transfixed on Dee and her dog, which is why she realized she needed to come up with a new plan.

Dee ended up grabbing her cellphone, scrolling through her music library, and playing the loudest song she had: “Don’t Tread On Me” by Metallica.

“I thought it was the noisiest thing on my phone that would probably scare it, that was also the messaged I wanted to convey to the cougar,” she said. “As soon as the first notes blared out it ran into the bush.”

Though Dee was left shaken by the experience, she and Murphy made it home safely. Now, she would like to tell her story to the members of Metallica in person to thank them.

“I would love to contact them someday and tell James Hetfield that he saved my life,” she said with a laugh.

Find out more about this harrowing story in the video below.


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