Hair Stylist Wakes Up From Ten-Day Coma To Find Her Arms And Legs Were Amputated After She Got A Deadly Bacteria From A Dog Lick

A hair stylist from Ohio was just shocked when she woke up from a ten-day coma to find that her arms and legs had been amputated due to the fact that she contracted a deadly flesh-eating bacteria from a dog lick.

Marie Trainer, a 54 year-old hair stylist from Alliance, Ohio, got sick one day after coming home from a Caribbean vacation with her husband Matthew. It seemed like a normal flu at first, but it turned into sepsis, and she soon tested positive for capnocytophaga, a bacteria that lives in dogs’ and cats’ saliva and can cause deadly infections in humans.

Over two-and-a-half months, Marie endured eight surgeries as doctors tried to save her life from the fast-moving bacteria. In the end, they were left with no choice but to sever her limbs.

“When I opened my eyes I didn’t know where I was,” Marie said. “Then I found out everything. Being in a coma for 10 days — having this thing. My dog licked me… my dogs lick me all the time. It was very hard to find out that they had to remove my legs and my arms… very hard to cope with.”

Doctors think that one of Marie’s dogs licked a cut on her arm, and it caused an unusually rapid and severe infection, given the fact that she had no previous health problems. Capnocytophaga Canimorsus, a bacterial pathogen, usually only has extreme effects on people who already suffer from health problems. However, sometimes healthy people get hit with it seemingly out of nowhere, and this is what happened to Marie.

Marie had been trying to nurse herself back to health at home before her fever spiked.

“Her temperature went up then went down to about 93 degrees, that’s when we rushed her to the hospital,” Matthew said. “It was so rapid in progression… there was nothing they could do.”

Marie, who is now facing tons of rehabilitation, teared up when she talked about her husband’s support.

“He’s here every day for me… every day he feeds me, and dresses me here every day,” Marie said. “I mean what do you do? I had to learn how to sit up, roll over, it’s been just very hard.”

Despite everything that happened, Marie said she won’t give up her dogs.

“We still love our animals,” she said.


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