Father’s Daughter Throws Tantrum At Walmart – His Reaction Has Millions Cheering

All parents know how difficult it is to deal with a child who is throwing a tantrum. Now, video is going viral in which a dad has the best reaction possible when his daughter starts throwing a tantrum during a shopping trip to Walmart.

While shopping at Walmart with his 3 year-old daughter Ari, Terel Rico Relz Crawford told her no when she asked him to buy her something. Like most toddlers, Ari reacted to this by throwing a massive temper tantrum, so Terel scooped her up and brought her out to the parking lot.

Terel knew exactly what he was doing when he sat Ari on the hood of his car to wait out the storm of her tantrum. As he waited, he decided to use this time to drop a little bit of knowledge to the other parents of the world.

Whipping out his phone to record, Terel began by staring at the camera with a stern look on his face. While Ari is still whining a little behind him, it’s clear that her heart isn’t into it anymore.

“This is what happens when you spoil your kids,” Terel said, explaining that he was raised “in the ghetto,” which makes him want to give his daughter everything he didn’t have as a kid. Even so, he urged parents who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, “don’t put one in your kid’s mouth.” Turning to address Ari over his shoulder, he added, “I’m not taking you back into Walmart until you stop with your mess.”

Ari immediately goes silent as her father continues, “I don’t beat my kids. I take stuff from them. I make them sit down.” His own mother beat him when he was a child, “but he wants to do a little bit better by his own kids. His technique is simple: he refuses to put up with nonsense like tantrums. He doesn’t get mad; he doesn’t yell or hit, he simply sits down and waits them out because he’s “the grown-up.”

“If your children don’t learn by you teaching, then who are they going to learn by? We buy the stuff they get,” he said. “We take it away from them when they don’t deserve it.”

Ari soon calms down, and the two go back inside to continue their shopping trip. Terel’s parenting advice has quickly gone viral, being viewed by over 22 million people.

Watch the video below!


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