Farm Manages To Grow Massive ‘Long-Neck’ Avocados That Immediately Go Viral

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love avocados. Fans of the food will be especially excited to learn of the existence of “long neck” avocados, which range in size from 18 inches to 3 feet in length and can be bought in a box.

Photos from the Miami Fruit farm have been going viral on social media lately, as everyone can’t get enough of these special avocados. The farmers are surprise that nobody knew about them, as they say that the long-neck avocados have been in the area for years. The video below, which was posted by the farm, has quickly gone mega-viral, being viewed over 64,000 times in just over a week.

Though they are quickly becoming known as long-neck avocados, they are actually Pura Vida avocados, from a tree known for bearing gourd-like avocados. Edelle Schlegel, the co-founder of Miami Fruit, said that the avocados have a slightly different taste than the ones most of us are used to.

“Our long neck avocados are thick, creamy, savory and slightly sweet,” she said.

Miami Fruit said that the long neck avocados are available for pre-order for next season at this time, and they are selling for $47 for a small box, containing 3–6 pounds of avocados. Pricing and bulk options go all the way up to a bulk option for $197, containing 35–45 pounds.

Find out more about Miami Fruit in the video below!


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