Experts Warn That Vegan Pet Owners Feeding Dogs And Cats Meat-Free Food Are Seriously Putting Their Health At Risk

Experts are speaking out to warn pet owners that they are putting the health of their animals at risk by feeding them meat-free food.

Dr Chris Greenwell, the managing veterinarian at RSPCA NSW Sydney Veterinary Hospital, explained that dogs and cats are carnivorous animals who depend on a daily diet of meat, and removing it could end up killing them.

“When these are depleted over time there are many negative health impacts,” Greenwell said. “If you’re denying proper care to a cat you’re effectively breaching your own theoretical values with dietary choices.”

Dogs and cats have small guts that are able to break down meat quickly, but it is much harder for them to digest plant-based products. Cats in particular get an amino acid called taurine when then eat meat, and this is essential to their diet. On top of that, they get arginine, arachidonic acid and A and B vitamins. Removing meat from the diet of a cat can result in severe problems including heart failure, birth defects and liver problems.

While dogs are a bit better equipped to handle plant-based diets, they still depend on high-protein foods. Removing meat from a dog’s diet can result in heart diseases and vitamin D and B deficiencies.

Even if a vegan is firmly against eating meat themselves, it’s important to remember that dogs and cats require a balanced diet to gain their natural nutrients and benefits from their food. The last thing any pet owner wants is for their personal choices to hurt the health of their pet, so please allow your pet to eat meat, even if you do not do so yourself.


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