Elderly Couple Are Stunned When Waitress Writes ‘Appalling’ Message On Their Receipt

An elderly couple are speaking out this week to express their “disgust” after a hotel waiter described them as “old people” on their drinks bill.

Phyllis and Robert Hidden had gone to The Riverside Hotel in Kendal, Cumbria to enjoy a lunchtime drink and meal on July 4. It wasn’t until one month later that they looked at the receipt again and noticed the words “Table: OLD PEOPLE” on their receipt. It is thought that the words were typed there by the waiter to identify who the bill belonged to.

Phyllis, 80, was stunned when she noticed what the receipt said.

“I thought nothing of it at first until my husband pointed it out to me and I was shaking with temper,” said Phyllis. “I was incensed.”

“This is appalling behavior. It’s a terrible thing to label people like that,” she added. “It should be table numbers you should be making a note of, not labeling the customers. Age shouldn’t be what defines you.”

Phyllis then called the hotel to let them know how “disgusted” she was. She also demanded an apology, but it took a month for them to give her one.

“Had I received an apology in the first instance I would have let this go,” she said.

The hotel’s general manager Jennifer Boow has since apologized to the couple.

“We would like to apologize,” she said. “The issue has been raised and the member of staff concerned has been spoken to. They (member of staff) were extremely apologetic and didn’t mean to cause any harm by what happened and no disrespect was intended by the wording.”


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