Dogs Are Currently Being Trained To Take Down Active Shooters In Schools

Shootings have become all too common in American schools these days, and everyone is trying to figure out ways to make them stop. Now, dogs are being trained specifically to take down shooters in schools.

The idea was first raised by former Navy Seal Joshua Morton, who has already trained his dog to take down school shooters and is currently training other ones as well. He recently gave a demonstration outside a school in Chariton, Iowa.

“That’s what I’ve been trained to do, is to deal with these situations,” he said.

After serving overseas, Joshua returned home and started putting his skills as a K-9 handler into action. At first, he was just training police dogs to detect drugs or explosives, but when he saw the number of school shootings rising, he decided dogs could help stop it.

“I did not expect to see what I saw overseas, to see it in schools,” Joshua said. “But, unfortunately, it’s happening. I’ve been trying to find this solution for a very long time.”

Joshua said that the first step to this is finding the right dog, as he needs one that will not be hazed or distracted away from its mission and could be trained to run straight toward the sound of gunfire and take down the shooter. While most dogs will not be able to have this level of understanding, Joshua said he found one and began “cloning” others.

“Cloning allows me to be consistent,” Joshua said.

“Now, I know that I can tell a client, ‘Hey, I’ll have this dog ready in nine months,'” Joshua said, adding that he already has cloned five puppies who will soon be ready for training.

“We’re not just releasing the dog and the dog’s just randomly searching the building. It’s a combo. It’s a team,” he continued.

Though many online are slamming the idea, those who attended Joshua’s demonstration were impressed.

“Everybody says it’s not going to happen here,” said Nicci Chandler, a substitute teacher who is a mother of five. “That’s what everybody says and then it happens there. It’s amazing just to zone everything out and go for their targets.”

Find out more about this in the video below.


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