Dog And Trainer Team Up To Perform ‘Footloose’ On ‘America’s Got Talent’

A dog and his trainer have just become viral sensations after an epic audition for “America’s Got Talent.” Lukas and his dog Falco left the audience and judges alike totally speechless when they took the stage to perform to the song “Footloose.”

When Lukas was a child, he never thought he would end up working with dogs.

“When I was a child, I was afraid of dogs,” he said. “They terrified me and I know never ever will I accept a dog into our family. When I was fourteen, my worst nightmare became a reality. My family told me that we would get a dog.”

That all changed when Lukas’ parents brought home Falco as a puppy, and he just could not resist falling in love with the little dog.

“At first, I didn’t want to be his friend,” he said. “But eventually, I just looked at his eyes and he was the first dog that won me over.”

Ever since then, Lukas and Falco have been completely inseparable. They have travelled the world together performing over the past nine years, and now they have tried their luck on “America’s Got Talent.” Unfortunately, Falco has been getting older, which makes performing more difficult for him. He will be retiring after their run on “America’s Got Talent,” but Lukas is determined for them to go out with a bang.

The judges were left both stunned and touched by the pair’s performance.

“He has amazing personality, but also importantly, so do you,” judge Simon Cowell told Lukas, with Howie Mandel describing their routine as “Boot-scootin’-doggie.”

Check out their audition for yourself below!


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