Couple Becomes Viral Sensations With Waffle House-Themed Wedding Cake

A couple’s wedding cake just went viral after internet users were charmed by the fact that it was modeled to look like a Waffle House restaurant.

Elizabeth and Hayes Rivault both love Waffle House so much that they decided to make their cake look like the delicious chain restaurant. When Waffle House got wind of what they did, the brand posted photos of them with their cake to Instagram, and they quickly went viral.

“I now pronounce you husband, wife, and the best wedding cake there ever was!” Waffle House wrote on Instagram.

Elizabeth and Hayes, who are alumni of Louisiana State University, had the cake made at the Royal Cakery in New Orleans. The cake includes a diner, a Waffle House sign, a parking lot, and figurines of the bride and groom.


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Waffle House released a brief statement saying that they were happy to be included in their big day.

“We’re excited for Elizabeth and Hayes, and flattered that they would include us on their special day,” Waffle House said. “It’s a well-known fact that relationships that start at Waffle House restaurants tend to become long-term and most end in matrimony. We say congratulations to the happy couple, and our wish is that they have many years covered and smothered in love.”

Social media users absolutely can’t get enough of the cake!

“Now THAT is a cake,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “[T]his is what I want.”

“I met my wife at a Waffle House!!” a third person commented.

We wish Hayes and Elizabeth the best of luck in their marriage, and we hope they enjoy many more Waffle House meals in the years to come!


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