College Student Stuns Family And Friends With Sultry Makeover – ‘Mom, Don’t Freak Out!’

On Thursdays, the fourth hour of the “Today” show features an “Ambush Makeover” segment that is extremely popular. One of their most popular ambush makeovers was done on a pre-med student, and it has since gone viral because of the huge reaction she got afterwards to her sexy new look.

The makeovers are done by celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and fashion consultant Jill Martin, who pick two women outside of the studio to perform the makeovers on. Their first pick was Libby Acker, a 19-year-old pre-med student from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A sophomore at Xavier University, Libby was on a trip to New York City with friends for spring break to cheer on the university’s basketball team during March Madness. Libby had beautiful skin and long flowing hair, but the experts still saw ways they could improve her look.

Once the makeover was done, her friends were blindfolded as she was about to be brought out. They had no idea what to expect!

When they were finally able to take their blindfolds off, they completely lost it as they saw Libby’s sleek, lighter hair and blowout. She also got a major makeup job that highlighter her beautiful eyes.

Libby’s new outfit consisted of strappy stilettos, a form-fitting but modest pencil skirt, and a white leather jacket. She even joked that she hoped her mother would not be angry about her sexy new look!

The next person to be made over was Natalie Archibaque, who was visiting New York from Richmond, Virginia. Natalie is a post-partum nurse who was in town with her husband and two sons, also to watch the NCAA tournament.

Natalie was clearly prioritizing comfort over style, and the experts looked forward to doing an overhaul on her entire look.

By the time the stylists were done with her, Natalie was wearing black dress pants, a flowing black top with leather details on the sleeves, a statement necklace, and patent leather flats. However, it was her new hair that really got a big reaction from her family.

Her new hair was much shorter and lighter, and that along with her new makeup made her look like a totally different person in the best way possible!

Check out these ambush makeovers for yourself below.


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