Bride-To-Be Loses It When Groom Prioritizes Dog’s Surgery Over Their Wedding – ‘He’s A Member Of The Family’

A man who was engaged to be married was left wondering if he had totally different values than his fiancé after he spent thousands of dollars to help his dog without telling her.

The man took to Reddit to say that his wife-to-be was furious with him for spending the money without telling her when their wedding was right around the corner. He added that he refused to apologize, and things have been tense between them ever since.

“(The) first couple of vet visits didn’t show anything,” he wrote, “until eventually, we felt a large lump under his fur which was later identified as a tumor. It was confirmed to be malignant and required surgery to remove completely.”

He added that the vet told him that while the surgery would cost $5,000, there was “no guarantee” it would be a success. Despite this, the man knew he had to do whatever it took to save his dog.

“I paid for the surgery out of my own savings. This is important,” he wrote. “My fiancée and I have separate finances and my savings are easily 5x what she had saved up.”

Things did not go well when his fiancé found out what he did.

“When she found out how much the surgery cost, she went ballistic that I paid for the surgery without asking her when we’re planning a wedding,” he said. “She says that she will have to downsize her wedding to compensate and that my dog is already so old (10) the money ‘wouldn’t go far.’ I can’t even comprehend how she could say that to me.”

“I honestly can’t empathize with her here, which has caused a massive rift in a previously amazing relationship,” he continued. “My dog is my dog and he’s a member of the family. I refuse to put a few thousand dollars over his well-being. My fiancée is acting as though I’m being selfish and that our wedding should come first since we’re starting a family.”

Since then, things have not gotten better between them.

“She hasn’t talked to me since other than to tell me to take out the garbage, clean the dishes, etc,” he told Reddit. “If I try to engage conversation she will shut down or walk away. She refuses to talk this over unless I get on my knees, grovel and apologize. I can’t bring myself to do this as a matter of principle and self-respect.”

Social media users were divided about who was in the right. While nobody faulted him for spending the money to save his dog, some felt that he should have discussed things with his fiancé.

“It amazes me how many people are cool with getting married before discussing such basic things as finance in the relationship,” one user wrote, with another adding, “I somewhat agree. $5000 is a lot of money to spend without talking it over with your significant other. That being said, if their priorities were better aligned, it may not have been a big thing.”

Others, however, were on his side.

“It’s his money though. Money HE saved,” another person said. “Obviously they are both in the wrong as they don’t seem to have discussed a budget but honestly… if my significant other started getting pissed at me for spending the money I saved (we have separate finances as well.. but to be fair, he has more in his savings than I do… and we also have a joint account for bills and vacations) I would check that as a red flag. And on top of that, my dog comes first. I’d rather have my dog than a wedding.”

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