Baby Stork Is Abandoned By Parents – Gets Taken In By Kind Human Couple

A baby stork from Poland just found a loving new forever home after being abandoned and rejected by his parents.

Jan and Alicia Czesnick found the stork earlier this year when he was just a chick, and they were saddened when they realized he had been abandoned. That’s how they ended up taking the stork in themselves, and he has since become a full member of their family.

The stork loves lounging in the couple’s yard and taking frequent bird bash. His diet is chicken and fish, and occasionally he dines on hair!

Though Jan and Alicia love their bird baby, they can’t seem to agree on a name for him. Alicia wants to name the bird Friday after the day they found him, but Jan wants the stork to have a name more befitting of a champion. He wants to name the bird Krzysztof PiÄ…tek, after the Polish soccer star who plays for Italian club Milan and the Poland national team.

Jan and Alicia are planning to have the stork stay with them through the winter, when he will migrate south. For now, they are just enjoying the time that they have with the stork, who seems to love them back in return.

It’s always fun to see humans develop such a close bond with a different species! This bird is so lucky to have found such loving human parents after being rejected by his bird mom and dad. We hope Friday or Krzystof has many more adventures with them in the months to come! Find out more about this in the video below.


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