Adorable Moment Service Dog Named Nala Meets Her Favorite Disney Princess

Service dogs work incredibly hard to help their human owners get around in life, so it is only fitting that they should be able to treat themselves sometimes. That’s why it’s so satisfying that a video is going viral showing a service dog doing just that.

Nala is a service dog for Megan Leigh, and she loves helping her with various medical tasks. The two love going to Disney World together, and they attend the park regularly.

“I have always loved Disney,” Megan said. “Before I got a service dog, my health would get in the way of me travelling independently. So now I can go to Disney and enjoy myself because Nala helps me be more independent.”

Nala loves running around the park and going on rides, but her favorite thing is meeting her most beloved Disney characters.

“They can go on any rides with their handler as long as they don’t have a height requirement,” Megan explained. “Her favorite ride is the People Mover because she can feel the wind in her face!”

“Her favorite parts of Disney would be going to the Magic Kingdom,” she added. “She loves doing character meet-and-greets as her ‘Go say hi’ command is a fun reward for her. Meeting the princesses is a favorite!”

The Disney princesses now recognize Nala when she comes to the park, and they always stop to play with her. While Nala loves all the Disney princesses, her favorite is Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

Watch Nala get to meet her favorite Disney princesses in the video below.


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