110 Year-Old Texas Woman Credits Her Longevity To Her Faith

A 110 year-old woman from Houston, Texas has just spoken out to credit her long life to her strong faith in God.

Elizabeth Francis was born in Louisiana way back in 1909, and she just celebrated her 110th birthday at the end of July. As her friends and family gathered at her home to celebrate her birthday, Elizabeth got emotional as she revealed what she thinks has kept her around so long.

“Blessing of the Lord. He’s the one keeping me. That’s why I’m living,” Elizabeth said. She firmly believes that God has gotten her to where she is today, and that she would not still be around today were it not for her strong Christian faith.

Elizabeth still has a sharp mind and is relatively fit for someone at her extremely advanced age.

“It’s really special because she’s been able to watch and see all of her grandchildren grow up and be a part of their lives,” said Ethel Harrison, Elizabeth’s granddaughter.

Elizabeth was born the very same year the Oval Office was built and the NAACP was formed. It was also the same year that Cadillac joined General Motors, and at the time, the life expectancy for a woman in the United States was just 54. Now, Elizabeth has more than doubled that!

Elizabeth is just a few years younger than the oldest person in America, who is 114 year-old New York resident Alelia Murphy. The oldest person in the world currently is 116 year-old Kane Tanaka of Japan.

Check out Elizabeth’s birthday celebration for yourself in the video below.


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