Woman Breaks Down In Tears After Seeing Her Makeover

When Laurie Norman decided that she wanted a makeover, she flew all the way from her home in Maui, Hawaii to the Minneapolis, Minnesota salon of Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy. Laurie desperately needed a confidence boost to go along with her makeover, and she knew Christopher was the best person to give it to her.

“I kind of just need an internal lift – some confidence that I’m still pretty, I’m still young, attractive…and fun,” Laurie said.

Christopher specializes in giving makeovers to women over 45, so Laurie put all her trust in him. In fact, she told him that she did not even want to watch her makeover as it happened, instead wanting to be totally surprised at the end .

In the opening of her video, Laurie explained why she felt she needed more confidence.

“I think if my spirits are lifted then I might be a little more attractive to others as well as myself,” she said.

To start, Christopher chopped Laurie’s hair into a face-fitting bob to give it more volume.

He also changed her hair color from brassy blonde to strawberry, and he changed up her makeup to take attention away from her sunspots, redirecting it to her gorgeous eyes.

When Laurie saw the results of her makeover, she didn’t know what to think, and her first reaction was a scream! Thankfully, it was a squeal of delight, and she described her makeover as “beautiful” and “gorgeous. She also said that she could just cry, but she would try to hold back the tears.

“This was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had,” she said.

As she thanked Christopher and his team, she could no longer hold back her tears, and they started coming right out. She then summed up her post-makeover feelings with a song:

“I came in before, and I looked so plain.
Many people called me plain, plain Jane.
I’m goin’ on the plane, hittin’ the road –
And when I do I won’t marry a toad.”

Check out her makeover for yourself below!


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