Toddler With One Arm ‘Fist Bumps’ His Pro-Soccer Player Role Model Who Has The Same Condition

An adorable photo is going viral this week showing a toddler who has one arm create a very special bond with a professional soccer player.

Joseph Tidd is a two year-old boy from Florida who was born without his left forearm, and his parents Colleen and Mike have done everything they can to build a positive community around him. They know how important it is for Joseph to grow up with role models to look up to who also have limb differences, just like he does. That’s why they were so excited when they discovered professional soccer player Carson Pickett.

Just like Joseph, Carson was also born without her left forearm and hand. When the two of them finally met back in April, Carson pointed to her arm and told Joseph, “We have the same arm!” They then shared an adorable “fist bump” with their left limbs, and Joseph’s smile could not have been bigger. It was clear that he was very excited to meet someone who was just like him!

Since their first meeting, Joseph and Carson have stayed close to one another, and he has gone to see many of her soccer games. Joseph sits in the front row for each game, and Carson always makes sure to go over and fist bump him at some point. Their story has since gone viral and raised awareness about people who have limb differences.

“Overall, the amount of positive awareness that has spread, it’s just been phenomenal,” Colleen said.

Find out more about them in the video below!


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