Teenage Track Star Races To Finish Line – Is Stunned To See Military Mom Waiting There

Everyone knows that members of the United States military make huge sacrifices when they agree to risk their lives to serve their country. What many people don’t realize, however, is that their families end up making huge sacrifices as well, as they are often separated from their loved ones for months at a time, sometimes not even knowing if they are safe or not.

It is for this reason that it’s always so heartwarming to see videos of military servicemen and women being reunited with their families. Now, a new video showing this is going viral, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Captain Erika Woodson is currently stationed in Anchorage, Alaska for a three year deployment, and it breaks her heart to be separated from her family in Sacramento, California. There, Erika’s 13 year-old daughter Jada is a track star at her middle school. When Erika recently learned that Jada was going to be the anchor for her team at a championship event, she knew that she had to be there. By that point, Erika had been in Alaska for six months and had missed many of Jada’s track meets, and she was not about to miss another one.

Erika teamed up with a school counselor to coordinate surprising Jada at her track meet, and it went over better than they ever could have imagined. As Jada got ready to cross the finish line, she knew she was in first place and was about to clench the championship for her team. What she was not prepared for was to see her mom at the finish line waiting for her, holding her arms out and cheering her on!

Check out the touching reunion for yourself below.


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