Seven Best Friends Purchase Mansion So They Can All Grow Old Together

Everyone dreams of growing old with the people that they love. To make sure this happened for them, seven best friends from China just bought a mansion so that they could all grow old together.

The group of friends all met at work twenty years ago, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They had always joked about retiring together in one big house, but none of them ever thought it would really happen. However, that all changed when they found the home of their dreams, and they all pitched in to buy it.

It may not look like much, but this abandoned building in a suburb of Guangzhou was their dream home.  The friends were able to buy it cheap since the locals saw it as an eyesore, but the seven friends knew that they could renovate it together.

Buying and renovating the mansion cost $580,000 USD, which isn’t too bad when you realize that that’s just $82,000 per person for a share in a mansion! Now that they are done with it, the house is beautiful on the inside and the out.

The home includes floor-to-ceiling windows, many communal spaces, and even a pool! On top of that, all seven of the friends have their own bedrooms, and the house is big enough that they can all do their own thing. Each friend is intending to master a new skill, so one of them will learn to cook well, another will become an expert in herbal medicine, etc.

The women are all still in their 30s and are busy raising their children, so they are not planning on moving into the home for another 15-20 years. That being said, they can all rest assured that their retirement plans are set and that they have a fun place to hang out in the decades to come!

Check out their mansion for yourself in the video below.


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