Photographer Adds Teeth To Newborn Photos To Create Hysterical Images

Amy Haehl is a photographer whose photos of newborns have been going viral recently due to the hilarious addition she adds to them.

Amy, who works at Coffee Creek Studios, has been adding full sets of teeth onto photos of newborn babies. The images that result from this could not be any funnier, and internet users can’t get enough of them!

It’s nearly impossible to look at the photos without laughing. It does not get much funnier than this!

“I just thought it was so funny,” Amy explained, “and would be a great way to put a smile on people’s faces — literally.”

Amy began by looking over her collection of newborn photos and choosing some that would be “great in this capacity.”

“I didn’t do a photo shoot specifically for this,” she said, but inspiration quickly took over. Though many thought she used Photoshop to get the cheeky grins on the babies, Amy actually used an application called FaceApp.

Amy posted her creations on her studio’s Facebook page on July 17, and since then, the post has been liked 24,000 times and shared more than 42,000 times. Amy thinks the images are so popular because of how unique they are.

“I think these photos were popular with people because it is so different from the normal way babies look and they’re quite hilarious,” she said.

Amy added that her photos serve as a reminder that it’s probably for the best that babies don’t have teeth.

“I think we all realize why babies aren’t born with a full set of teeth!” she said.

“I loved having a variety of images in the album … some that were obviously awkward but then some that looked so natural you almost wouldn’t notice what is off about the photo!” Amy continued.

Amy, a mother herself who is also a former nurse, said that “laughter really is the best medicine!”

“I love making people laugh and try to encourage that in any way I can,” she said.

Amy and the parents of the babies could all agree that the babies look better with no teeth.

“Overall we all had a good laugh but still agree their babies are perfectly beautiful without teeth!” she said.

While that may be true, we’re still glad that these silly photos exist!


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