Mother Invents Personalized Seatbelt Covers To Let EMTs Know Passengers’ Medical Conditions

A simple invention by a mother of five is playing a huge role in saving the lives of people with disabilities.

Natalie Bell is a mother of five children between the ages of 1 and 15 who lives in Australia. Her daughter Shae was born with moderate hearing loss, and she had lost most of her hearing by the time she was 1. The little girl has since been fitted with a cochlear implant.

“Because of this implant it is important she is not exposed to the magnetic field of an MRI which can do damage,” Natalie explained. “I always wonder what would happen if I was in a car accident with my daughter in the car and I was unable to let the doctors know that my daughter could not have a MRI due to having a cochlear implant.”

It was her daughter Shae’s situation that let to Natalie inventing personalized seatbelt covers that would let EMTs know about the medical conditions of passengers.

“Now I don’t need to worry about that with these seat belt covers,” the mother said. “These can be made for any special needs that the medical team will need to know if you are unable to tell them.”

Since then, Natalie has made seatbelt covers for people with all kinds of other disabilities, including autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. After posting about the seatbelt covers on Facebook, she was stunned to find that they were a massive hit, and she quickly became “overwhelmed” by the amount of interest.

“Doing this has made me realize an urgent need in the community for these products and their popularity has proven this,” Natalie said.

“These children might have a medical bracelet but those are quite small,” she continued. “So I thought this is something emergency services would notice straight away.”

Natalie said that she originally started this online business to have “something new” to do after her last child was born, and it’s safe to say that this will definitely be keeping her busy for a long time to come! She also credits her daughter Shae for being “the inspiration behind a lot of my work.”

“We hope to make a difference in your life too,” Natalie said.


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