Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods Are On Sale For Keurig

A product that would have been illegal in most places just a few years ago is now being sold in the United States, and it’s already becoming very popular.

At the time of this writing, twelve states have fully legalized marijuana, and even more have at least legalized medicinal usage of marijuana. This legalization has increased the demand for THC-infused edibles, and drinkables, which is why it should come as no surprised that marijuana-infused coffee pods that can be used in your Keurig.

Brewbudz is selling a coffee pod that is a mixture of Arabica beans and 10 milligrams of THC. The Brewbudz website states that that there are major health benefits to drinking a hot beverage to get your THC rather than smoking it.

“Ingesting or consuming hot beverages is a very healthy alternative to smoking which has a high impact on the health of your lungs,” says the website. “Best of all, our product is lifestyle integrated which is important to a regular consumer.”

Though many would assume that consuming marijuana with coffee will mellow you out and counteract the energy-boosting benefits of the beverage, Brebudz claims that this is not the case at all. They describe this as a “sativa-dominant” mixture, which means you’ll actually feel energized after sipping on it.

Brewbudz is currently only selling a marijuana-infused West Coast Roast, but they are hoping to soon include French Vanilla and Hazelnut varieties as well. You can buy their West Coast Roast in both caffeinated and decaffeinated forms, and their pods are compostable, meaning their environmentally-friendly as well.


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