Luke Bryan Invites Little Girl Onstage – She Immediately Blows Him Away

During a recent concert in Bristow, Virginia, country music star Luke Bryan invited a 5 year-old fan onstage. He was hoping to create an unforgettable experience for the girl, but she ended up giving him an experience that he’ll never forget himself!

Luke may be best known for being a singer, but he is also a devoted husband and father who loves kids. That’s why he decided to invite a little girl named Bella to join him onstage during the concert.

As he sat with Bella on the end of the stage, Luke announced that he would be singing “Kill the Lights,” and she nodded her head that she knew the song.

As Luke began to sing the song, he held the microphone out to Bella so she could sing the second line. Much to everyone’s surprise, Bella easily took over the song, making it clear that she knew all the lyrics! Luke was so stunned that he stopped the show for a moment, he asked her, “How old are you?”

When she replies, “five,” Luke says, “So pretty much, you know my music better than my five-year-old.”

Things get even more adorable when Luke can’t holds back his dad side and pushes Bella’s hair out of her face when it falls down. Eventually, Luke decides to do a full-blown duet with Bella, asking, “Should we do the real thing?”

The music starts again with Luke opening the song, and when it’s Bella’s turn, she confidently belts out the lyrics.

As they continued to move through the song, Bella even got to show off some dance moves that won over the crowd. The fact that thousands of people were watching did not phase this girl at all. She’s a natural born performer!

Luke and Bella’s duet has quickly gone viral, touching the hearts of people all over the world.

“…Luke was making sure she wasn’t nervous, scared or overwhelmed,” one social media user commented. “He was so caring and gently showing her it was okay, just like her own daddy would be. He was just as much of a fan of her as she was of him!”

“Nothing but respect someone famous who actually cares about the fans,” another added.

Check out the duet for yourself below!


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