Family’s Rottweiler Turns Into Lifeguard – Won’t Stop Trying To Save Baby

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because no other creature shows the amount of love and loyalty to humans that they do. Now, a video is going viral that shows just how loyal dogs really are to the humans who they love!

Leia is a friendly Rottweiler who recently surprised her family by turning into a lifeguard as they enjoyed some time at the pool. When the video opens, the man had just pulled his baby son out of a pool floaty and was holding him securely, but Leia was not having any of it. Thinking that the baby was in danger, Leia went into full lifeguard mode as she tried to get him out of the deep end of the pool.

To start, Leia showered the baby with kisses in an attempt to comfort him, as she figured he must already be in panic mode. She then tries “talking some sense” into their dad by grabbing his arms with her paws and dragging him towards the steps of the pool.

After the video went viral, social media users commented that Rottweilers are naturally protective because they are a herding breed that spent generations protecting flocks from wolves. No wonder Leia falls into the role of lifeguard so easily!

Clearly, Leia loves this little guy with all her heart, and she is not about to let any harm come to him. He is one lucky boy to have a dog like her watching his back!

Check out the video for yourself below!

Rottweiler lifeguard


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