Family Buys Hundreds Of Shoes At Payless For Needy Children

When Carrie Jernigan recently took her kids to their local mall in Arkansas to buy some shoes, she had no idea that the shopping trip would change so many lives.

As Carrie browsed the Payless store with her children, her daughter was struck by a pair of Avengers sneakers, but she did not want them for herself. Instead, she explained to her mom that there was a little boy in her class who loved the Avengers movie, but his shoes were too small for him and he could not afford new ones. When she asked Carrie if she could buy the shoes for them, the mom was only too happy to purchase them.

As they walked to the cash register, Carrie started thinking about just how many underprivileged children in Arkansas could benefit from a new pair of shoes. When they reached the front of the line, Carrie stunned the cashier by asking, “How much for the rest of the shoes in the store?”

The cashier proceeded to ring up the few shoes that were in Carrie’s cart, and instead of selling her every pair of shoes in the store, the cashier asked for her phone number. Just a few hours later, Carrie got a phone call from the district manager of Payless, and he had some huge news for her.

In the video below, you’ll see how a little girl’s simple idea ended up clearing out an entire store of shoes and helping countless people. This serves as a reminder of just how powerful one small good deed can be!


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