Elderly Man Dutifully Waits For Wife At Airport – Has No Idea They’re On Camera

A touching video is going viral this week that shows that true love is indeed real.

YouTuber Valerie Jane was at the Van Nuys FlyAway terminal at LAX in Los Angeles, California doing some people watching when she noticed an elderly man waiting for his wife with a bouquet of flowers. Touched by what she saw, Valerie whipped out her phone and started recording, and the video has since melted the hearts of internet users everywhere.

The man turned out to be 80 year-old Bernard Mills, who was waiting for his wife with flowers and chocolates for her. Valerie decided to keep recording him, hoping to get his reunion on camera.

“As I was waiting to get onto the bus at Van Nuys Flyaway, I notice this old man standing with roses and chocolates in his hand waiting for his wife to come from the airport,” Valerie wrote alongside the video. “This shows the epitome of love. My heart melted and it showed me that this kind of love exists.”

Bernard’s wife Carolyn had gone to Delaware to attend a wedding, and he could not wait to be reunited with her. In a sweet twist that nobody was expecting, Bernard and Carolyn had not been married for decades. Instead, they had each lost their spouses of nearly 50 years, and they met on the dating website eHarmony back in 2007. At the time of this video, Bernard and Carolyn had just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary!

When Carolyn finally arrived, she immediately ran into Bernard’s arms. They shared a warm hug and kiss as onlookers all said “aww!”

This video serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to find true love! Check it out for yourself below.


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