Dog Who Was Shot 17 Times, Blinded, And Had Her Ear Cut Off Becomes Therapy Canine

Maggie is a dog who has been through more in the five years than most humans go through in their entire lifetimes.

Maggie is a dog who was found in Lebanon after being shot 17 times. Her ears had been cut off, and she was found tied to a box after she was left to die there. After she recovered, Maggie was adopted by Brighton-native Kasey Carlin, 25, who heard about her story through the animal welfare group the Wild At Heart Foundation.

“This person in Lebanon posted asking for help and a woman in London saw the post and got help,” Kasey said. “Wild At Heart said they would take her in, even though it’s quite hard to get pets out of Lebanon. My mum saw Maggie’s post and said we had to foster her. I got home and saw the picture and agreed. I was in tears when I met her at the airport.”

Though Maggie’s eyes had been sewn shut to prevent further infection, she showed right away that she had the fighting spirit of a warrior. Pretty soon, she had recovered enough to come to the United Kingdom to begin her new life.

“I got in touch with some blind rescue dog charities and ask what to do,” Kasey said. “They said map out the house for her room by room. But we sectioned off the kitchen and the first night she slept in her crate. I took her out to go to the toilet and it was the first time she touched grass.”

“I’ve never met a dog like Maggie. She’s just brilliant,” Kasey continued. “She’s so energetic and bubbly. She walks off the lead and follows me around. She must have been in agony with all she’s been through, but she never hurt anyone and she’s so loving.”

Maggie has also undergone the necessary training to become a certified training dog! Now, Maggie is spending her days helping people and inspiring her fans from all over the world to never give up in life. Find out more about her in the video below!


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