Dog Comes Upon Lookalike – Demands He Come Home With Her

When this dog came upon another canine who looked exactly like her, she just could not bear to let him go!

Bethany Coleman and her partner Tyson live in a tiny apartment in Boston with their two rescue cats and a terrier mix named Rogue.

When they met Rogue, she was still just a puppy, and their apartment was just big enough for the five of them. As Rogue got bigger, however, the apartment got more and more cramped. Despite this, the family was still very happy, and Rogue even got along with her two cat siblings.

Bethany and Tyson were VERY clear that they would not be getting any more pets. They made this decision because they barely had enough room for the animals they already had! Though the two of them knew they did not want more pets, Rogue had other ideas…

Bethany and Tyson were out walking through a farmer’s market one morning when they came upon a space reserved for Last Hope K9 Rescue Shelter, and the charity had set up a range of crates filled with rescue dogs desperate to be adopted.

Rogue immediately ran to one crate in particular, leaving her owners puzzled, as she seemed desperate to get to it. When they got closer, they were stunned to see a dog inside that looked almost identical to Rogue.

Rogue did not take her eyes of the dog for a few minutes. Then, she frantically looked at Bethany and Tyson with a look that said, “Can we take him? Please! Please!” Though Bethany gave in right away, Tyson said no at first, since he was sure they could not fit any more pets into their home. Finally, Bethany and Rogue got him to relent, and he agreed to take the dog home with them!

Rogue and her new dog friend bonded as soon as they got home, and they’ve been best friends ever since. Making things even better is the fact that Bethany soon got a job in Hawaii, so the little family was able to move to a home with a lot more space in Oahu. We wish them many years of happiness to come!


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