Brave Dog Chases Bear Out Of Neighbor’s Yard

A harrowing piece of security footage is going viral this week showing the moment a fearless dog chased a bear out of his neighbor’s yard.

Mark Stinziano lives in a wooded area of New Jersey, and he always keeps security cameras rolling at his home. That’s how he learned that he had a guardian angel in the form of Riley, a black Labrador who lives right next door!

Even before Mark saw Riley chase the bear out of his yard in the security video, he already knew the dog was watching out for his family.

“The dog usually pops over to check on my four kids,” Mark explained. “They like him and get along well with him too.”

In the video below, you’ll see a bear learn the hard way that he picked the wrong yard to walk into. When Mark’s daughter heard a loud noise outside, he went out to take a look and found a bird feeder on the ground. Wondering what could have knocked it over, Mark went to check the security footage, and that’s when he saw what Riley had done for him!

The security footage opened with a small bear wandering into the yard. Initially, the bear hit the jackpot when he saw the bird feeder, but his good fortune didn’t last long. When Riley saw the intruder in the yard, he jumped to action and chased the bear away. What a brave dog!

Mark shared the video to social media, where it quickly went viral. Check out the video for yourself below!


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