Baby With Hearing Aid Has Adorable Reaction After Hearing Singing For First Time

An adorable video is going viral this week that serves as a reminder that we all need to appreciate the little things in life that we often take for granted.

The video shows a baby boy with a hearing aid hear his family singing for the first time, and his reaction is sure to warm your heart! The little baby had never heard the voices of his mother and other family members, since he had been born deaf. That all changed on this day, when he was fitted with a hearing aid for the very first time. Once it was fitted, the baby finally got to experience the joy of music in a magical way!

Watch the infant’s face as his mother starts to sing the popular children’s song “Baby Shark.” As she continues to sing, a huge smile appears on the face of the baby boy. When someone else starts to clap along to the song, the baby boy starts to laugh. It’s clear that he is loving every minute of this!

We can only imagine how powerful this moment was for the baby’s family. All they wanted was for him to experience the joys of hearing just like anyone else can, and now he will be able to!

Many of us take hearing music every day for granted, but this video serves as a reminder that not everyone is blessed enough to be able to experience this. As you watch the video below, be sure to count the many blessings you have in life, and remember how lucky you are even for the little things!


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