Baby Lion Hugs His Dad In Scene Right Out Of The Lion King

A series of photos are going viral this week that look like they are right out of the classic Disney movie The Lion King!

Lions are known as majestic creatures that are incredibly loyal, as their prides always stick together. These new photos that were shot in the Masai Mara show a lion dad hugging his cub, and the pair look just like Mufasa and Simba from the 1994 movie!

The Masai Mara National Park, which is located in Kenya, is a national park in which hundreds of species are able to roam freely. The park is funded largely from safaris and tourism, and 53-year-old Sabine Bernert of Paris, France was on a safari when she snapped these photos. She was in Kenya researching lions for a children’s book about them, and she got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she saw this father and son.

“The lion pretended he hadn’t seen the cubs until the last second,” Sabine said. “Then they started to play joyfully. I especially love the moment when the male lion is hugging the cub softly. The contrast between his brute strength and his gentleness, the huge size of his paw very softly holding the little cub.”

“I was amazed by the way this huge lion was playing so gently with the cubs,” she added. “They really looked like they were enjoying themselves and having fun. With the delicate light of the sunrise, it was a pure moment of grace.”

I can’t wait to see how these amazing moments play out in Sabine’s book. These photos have made me love lions even more!


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