Adorable ‘Toy Story 4’ Newborn Photo Shoot Celebrates Twins Being Best Friends Forever

An adorable Toy Story 4 themed photoshoot is going viral this week, and it’s touching the hearts of internet users everywhere!

Photographer Karen Marie Hourscht of Belly Beautiful Portraits recently conducted a photoshoot with twin boys, dressing them up as Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the classic Pixar movie.

Karen has made a name for herself with her Disney-themed photoshoots, but this might just be her best one yet! With some help from the Yarn Mermaid, who crocheted the boys’ outfits, Karen posed the boys to make it seem more realistic.

“All the babies were amazing!” Karen said. “Twins are bit more difficult because one will sometimes wake up they other, but I get some beautiful and touching images from those shoots that really captures their connection to each other.”

She added that it was the twins’ parents who came up with the Toy Story theme.

“These shoots were for clients of mine who are big Disney fans and love Toy Story!” she said. “I have lots of clients like that! We had fun putting a few looks together for them and they turned out so adorable.”

Karen went on to say that she always keeps a lot of options handy.

“I always get fun theme requests and try to have many different options available for parents to choose from in my studio,” she said.

In the end, this theme also had a personal connection for Karen.

“All my children grew up loving Toy Story but its probably my son’s favorite,” she explained. “He loves the friendships and adventures that keep growing in these films.”


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