An incredible piece of technology has just gone on the market that will completely change the way you look at your plants.

The Lua smart planter, which is made by Mu Design, basically turns your indoor plant into a little virtual pet. The smart planter gives it the ability to communicate it’s needs through a variety of facial expressions. The company states that the planter uses sensors to trigger “15 different universal animated emotions.” It can also measure the soil’s moisture, light exposure and temperature to make sure that your houseplant stays alive and healthy.

The Lua uses facial expressions to figure out if the plant needs water, if it needs to be shifted into a space with different light levels or temperature, and even if it’s been given too much water. The Lua’s screen can show 15 different emotions, six of which are directly related to the plant’s health and well-being, with the other nine being meant to give your leafy friend a little spark of personality.

Sometimes, you might see the Lua sticking it’s tongue out at you, and other times it might look grumpy when it falls into a bad mood. The company is hoping to develop the Lua enough that it will also look grumpy whenever it is raining outside. In addition, the Lua has a motion sensor that will track nearby movements with its eyes, so don’t be surprise if it stares at you as you walk around your home.

Through the Lua’s mobile app, you can change it’s facial dimensions and it will adjust the animation accordingly, which means that every plant in your house can have its own unique face and personality. While the Lua is not currently onsite, the developers are hoping to have it on the market by December of 2019.

It’s truly amazing to see what technology can do these days!

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