ZipStitch Is New Way To Close Your Wounds When You Can’t Get Help Right Away

It’s common to get various types of injuries when we are out doing something like hiking, jogging, or skiing, but when we find ourselves hurt in one of these situations, it can be difficult to get help right away. That’s where ZipStitch comes in, as it will allow you to easily close your wounds when you aren’t near any other source of medical help.

ZipStitch is a quick and simple solution that will give you surgical-quality wound closure, and you don’t even need a prescription to get it. ZipStitch includes four zip-ties connected by two adhesive bandages, and all you need to do is pull the zip-ties shut.

Mark Thanassi, MD, Emergency Department physician, said that this could work with any type of wound and is an extremely effective way of closing wounds.

“The devices we use in the Emergency Department using ZipLine’s adjustable, noninvasive technology have been shown to provide rapid and effective wound closure, in some cases replacing sutures,” Thanassi said. “I feel that a consumer product based on the same technology would enable people to effectively treat minor cuts and minor lacerations at home.“

The ZipStitch website offers the following instructions on how to use it:

  •  First, clean and dry the area to prevent further complications
  •  Remove the clear liner, and place the ZipStich on the wound; Press firmly
  •  Remove the paper frame, and pull the trap. Do this with each strap, but don’t over-tighten them
  •  Cut off the hanging straps

It should be noted that if your injury is very serious, you should still go to the emergency room even after using ZipStitch. Find out more about this in the video below.


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