Urban Explorer Comes Upon Abandoned Cottage In Woods – Goes Inside To Find It’s ‘Frozen In Time’

Colin is an urban explorer who is widely known as The Bearded Explorer. Recently, he was out exploring with his partner when he came upon an abandoned cottage in a forest. When they opened the door to the cottage, they could not believe what they saw inside!

Colin was expecting that the cottage would be completely empty on the inside, but that was not the case at all. Instead, the cottage had been frozen in time for at least thirty years, and it looked as if it was just waiting for it’s owner to come back at any moment.

“This is what happens to a home when time stops and is left so nature can reclaim it… the last evidence we found of anyone living here was an old news paper from 1993,” Colin wrote in the video description.

“The house is a complete time capsule and is truly incredible!” he continued. “Seeing the wildlife literally taking over part of the bedroom was remarkable! Also seeing things like clothes still hanging up to dry & food in the cupboard’s make’s you wonder what happened to the previous owners, and why no relatives have been in to care for the house and it’s positions… maybe the reason is obvious… there is no one.”

Video of the mysterious cottage has quickly gone viral, intriguing internet users from all over the globe.

“It looks that someone’s dream came true,” one person commented. “To live in nature in seclusion and enjoy what they love the most: reading, drinking, taking walks in nature and going to town once in a while to get more supplies!”

Check out the video for yourself below.


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