Researchers have just developed a new miracle superglue that can heal a potentially fatal wounds in seconds.

The powerful bio-gel dramatically reduces recovery time in patients, and it can even prevent heart patients from bleeding out on operating tables. On top of that, it also can save the lives of those injured in warzones and serious accidents.

When the bio-gel is activated by UV (ultraviolet) light, the “bio-glue” immediately forms a complete seal, even on wet tissue, with no need for staples or stitches. Scientists thoroughly experimented with the bio-gel and found that they could close up incisions and holes up to 6 millimeters wide in the blood vessels and organs of pigs, all in just 20 seconds. Once the experiments were over, the pigs were monitored for two weeks, and all of them made full recoveries.

Corresponding author Professor Hongwei Ouyang is hoping that the bio-gel will soon be available for humans to use regularly.

“Uncontrollable bleeding is a major problem in surgical procedures and after major trauma,” he explained. “Existing clotting substances poorly control hemorrhaging from traumatic arterial and cardiac wounds because of their weak adhesion to wet and mobile tissues.”

The bio-gel contains water, gelatin, and a cocktail of chemicals that is injected into the injured tissue, and together, they mimic the support structure of cells called the “extracellular matrix”, a complex composition of proteins and other molecules. As soon as the glue is exposed to UV light, it sets rapidly.

“Upon UV irradiation, organic compounds at the tissue-hydrogel interface react with amino groups of the tissue proteins, forming strong bonds,” said Ouyang. “The triggered hydrogel is like rubber. We can even say it is like a connective tissue. The components and mechanical properties of the hydrogel mimic those of human soft tissues.”

“This hydrogel can undergo rapid setting to adhere and seal bleeding arteries and cardiac walls after UV light irradiation. These repairs can withstand up to 290mmHg blood pressure, significantly higher than blood pressures in most clinical settings,” he continued. “Most importantly, the hydrogel can stop high pressure bleeding from pig carotid arteries with 4 to 5mm long incision wounds and from pig hearts with 6mm diameter cardiac penetration holes.

“Treated pigs survived after treatment with this hydrogel, which is well-tolerated and appears to offer significant clinical advantage as a traumatic wound sealant,” Ouyang added. “It is the first time high-pressure bleeding of beating heart with 6mm diameter cardiac penetration holes were rapidly stopped.”

Ouyang concluded by saying that the potential uses for the bio-gel are limitless.

“It can be easily applied in any condition and can stop any serious bleeding which current medical gel products cannot stop,” he said. “The next step is to finish the pre-clinical data and get official approval for a clinical trial.”

Find out more in the video below!

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