These Granny Pods Are Allowing Elderly Parents To Live In Their Kids’ Backyards

Our parents spend their entire lives doing everything they can to take care of us and make sure that all of our needs our met. When they reach a certain age, however, it is then our turn to take care of them when they can no longer do everything themselves.

Some children choose to put their parents into facilities when it becomes clear that they can no longer take care of themselves, but others prefer to keep their parents close to them at home. That’s why these MEDCottages are already becoming so popular immediately after they went on the market!

These cottages are known as “granny pods,” and they are essentially portable apartments that can be placed right in your backyard. These pods make it so that your elderly parents can still live on their own while also being close to you should anything go wrong.

The cottages are equipped with many of the things that nursing homes have, including safety rails, first aid kits, defibrillators, and more. They even have cameras installed so that you can monitor your parents from inside your home!

These cottages are certainly not cheap, as they cost between $85,000 and $125,000, but if you have the means they are definitely worth the money. The only tricky part of the cottages is placing them legally, but Virginia has already passed a law allowing the placement of MEDCottages and many other states are expected to soon follow suit.

Find out more about these amazing cottages in the video below.


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