Teenage Construction Worker Uses Crane To Save Over A Dozen People From Apartment Fire

A 19 year-old construction worker from China is being hailed as a hero after he used a crane to rescue over a dozen people who found themselves trapped in an apartment fire.

Lan Junze was working on a construction site in Fushun City, Liaoning Province when he heard screams coming from a nearby building. When he looked over, he was horrified to see that the apartment building was on fire, and he immediately leapt to action.

After running over to the building, Lan found that fourteen people were trapped in a third floor apartment. He then used his crane to save every one of their lives. Thanks to his quick thinking, all of them survived!

“At that time, all I could think about was how to save the trapped people,” Lan said afterwards.

The first people he rescued were a mother and son calling for help.

“The flame was very, very close to them,” he explained. “My first thought was to get the mother and son down.”

Lan then rescued the twelve other people, and he managed to do so calmly despite the high stress situation.

“The temperature was very high,” Lan said. “I could feel the burn on my face. I sweat a lot, got very red and very hot.”

Video of the daring rescue has since gone viral, with people all over the world praising Lan for what he did. The footage serves as a reminder that normal people can do extraordinary things and become heroes when they least expect it! Check out the rescue for yourself below.


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