Stunned Father Falls Over In Church As Navy Daughter Surprises Him After Being Away For Two Years

Members of the United States military make huge sacrifices when they agree to serve their countries. Their families end up making major sacrifices as well, as they have to be separated from their loved ones for months at a time, oftentimes not knowing if their loved one is safe or not. That’s what makes reunions between military members and their families so heartwarming!

Now, a video is going viral showing a Navy sailor surprise her father in church after being away serving in Japan for two years. His reaction upon seeing her is nothing short of priceless!

Jerome Monday was dancing during high praise at services at Divine Faith Ministries International in Jonesboro, Georgia when his daughter Jediah suddenly walked in. Jerome had been invited onstage by the preacher, and as he started to dance, Jediah walked up behind him!

The shock of seeing his daughter in person for the first time in two years caused Jerome to stagger backwards and fall to the floor. After he regained his composure, he was helped to his feet so he could give her a big hug.

“My sister Jadiah has been in Japan for the past two years,” his son Isaiah explained. “With the thought of surprising my dad, my mom, sister and I decided it would be cool if she came home a week early and make it a huge surprise at church. After telling my dad she’d be home on March 2, he had no idea what was about to happen.”

“She spoke with my dad that morning at our hotel as if she was still in Japan and he was clueless as to what was about to take place,” he continued. “With the help of our youth pastor at Divine Faith Ministries International, TaVondria Battle, she helped set him up on the stage. She called him up to dance in front of the church in the midst of high praise.”

“Without thought he ran upon the stage not knowing that he was about to have the fall of his life,” Isaiah concluded. “As he began to dance, my sister and I ran from the back of the stage and began to dance with him – he still had no idea that it was her. He claims to have looked down and thought to himself ‘hmm somebody has on some fatigues’ but when he looked up he was in such shock to see his daughter, it threw him to the ground.”

Check out the heartwarming video for yourself below!


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