Stranger Pays Restaurant Bill For 11 High School Prom-Attendees – ‘You Are Beautiful Inside And Out’

A woman’s act of kindness that she performed for a group of Maryland high school students is going viral this week, with internet users everywhere calling on others to pay it forward.

Therese De Leon and ten of her friends from Clarksburg High School were all dressed up for their prom when they headed to Ted’s Bulletin for dinner last month. Once the group had ordered their drinks, the waiter approached their table and told them that a regular patron of the restaurant had seen them and wanted to say that they “looked stunning.” On top of that, the woman had told the waiter that she wanted to pay for the teenagers’ meal, adding that they could order whatever they wanted!

Therese and her friends thought this was a joke at first, but when they realized the waiter was serious, their “jaws dropped.”

After they had finished eating, they convinced their waiter to point out the woman to them so that they could thank her personally.

“What we will never forget were the kind words she left with us,” Therese said. “Before we left her table she reminded us to ‘always love ourselves’ and to remember that ‘we are beautiful inside and out.’”

Therese was so overcome with emotion from the act of kindness that she forgot to ask for the woman’s name, but she decided to post the photo of her to Twitter in the hopes that internet users would pay it forward.

“It was refreshing and enlightening to know that there are still kind-hearted people out there,” she said. “All over Twitter, my friends and I have read about people like this woman who are generous and are genuinely kind to regular people like us. We never would have thought we would be able to experience generosity of this scale.”


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