Shaquille O’Neal Purchases Shoes For 13 Year-Old With Size 18 Feet After Single Mom Says She Struggles Getting Him Footwear

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal just stepped up to help a single mother after she said she was struggling to find footwear for her 13 year-old son, who is 6 foot 2 inches tall and has size 18 feet.

Brittany Keith of Douglasville, Georgia took to Instagram last Sunday to ask if anyone could help her find shoes for her son, Zach Keith. The post quickly went viral, which is how it was brought to the attention of Shaq.

“It’s hard finding shoes and cleats in his size let alone being able to afford them at times. He’s almost in a size 19 and I need help. If you can do anything to help I will be so appreciative,” Brittany wrote in the post. Shaq could immediately relate to this because he has always had trouble finding shoes for his size 23 feet, so he arranged for Zach and his mom to visit Friedman’s Shoes, his favorite big-and-tall shoe store in Atlanta.

Shaq explained that he has gotten over 3,000 pairs of shoes from the store over the past thirty years, ever since the owner Bruce Friedman gave him a free pair of shoes for his prom.

“Bruce gave me a pair of shoes when I was 18-years-old for free, so I’ma take care of the kid today because somebody did it for me. I’m doing it for the kid,” Shaq said.

Brittany said that Zach had no idea that he was about to meet Shaq when he went to the store.

“I told him that we were going to go to a shoe store and that we were just going around looking at shoes and seeing if we could afford a pair,” she said.

Zach could not believe his eyes when he walked into the store and saw Shaq!

“I wasn’t expecting that. To meet Shaquille O’Neal, all star player, one of my all star favorites, surprised, shocked,” Zach said.

Shaq ended up buying Zach ten pairs of shoes, saying “that should last him for a long time.” Brittany could not have been more grateful to the basketball star for what he did.

“I’m am so overwhelmed with all types of feelings right now,” she said. “Thanks to everyone who shared my post. You all helped make this happen and kept pushing me to post… Words can’t express how I’m feeling.”

Find out more about this act of kindness in the video below.


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