Police Officer Hailed As Hero For Mowing Elderly Woman’s Lawn

Kayla Cameron is a mother from Ohio who was picking up her son from school when she noticed an officer with the Dayton Police Department getting out of his cruiser. What he did next had her grabbing her phone so she could capture his good deed on camera.

Officer Zac Banks had seen that an elderly woman was having trouble mowing her lawn, so he decided to help her himself. Much to Kayla’s surprise, Zac grabbed her lawn mower and started mowing the woman’s lawn!

“Today while picking my son up from school I witnessed a Dayton Police officer park his cruiser just to help an older lady mow the rest of her yard!” Kayla wrote as she shared the photos on Facebook. “It’s so nice seeing nice people help the elders. Seriously just melted my heart. I wish I knew what officer this was because he deserves some appreciation!”

The photos of Zac quickly went viral, with people all over the world praising the officer for his good deed! Even the Dayton Police Department tweeted about what he did.

“Off. Banks ‘caught’ in the act of helping a woman who was having trouble mowing her yard in Eastmont area,” the department wrote. “Off. Banks took care of the hill, which is always the toughest! A couple citizens saw this, took photos & posted to social media! Great Job Off. Banks! #HonorThroughService.”

God bless you, Officer Banks!


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