Passengers on a London train this past week got the surprise of their lives when they were greeted by a breathtakingly beautiful display of flowers as they got onboard.

The train was full of purple and pink hydrangea, wisteria, and fresh sea lavender, causing the train to smell like spring! In total, there were over 3,000 flowers lining the walls of the 43 seat, 23-meter long carriage.

Heathrow Express had decided to have the flower show to mark the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which started on Tuesday.

“The duration of our transfer service is just 15 minutes, so we wanted to make an instant impression on customers departing from and arriving in the UK,” said a spokesperson for Heathrow Express. “The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the biggest events of the year but not everyone gets the chance to experience it, so we wanted to give travelers a little taster – and we’re delighted to say the reaction of customers has been blooming marvelous.”

The display on the train was created by London-based florist Jamie Aston Flowers, who included 1,850 hydrangeas, 220 wisterias and 1,000 stems of fresh sea lavender. Jamie teamed up with an eight person team to install the flowers on the walls and ceiling of the train using suction grips and hooks in a process that took four hours. I think we can all agree that the display was certainly worth their time!

“We’ve created all manner of flower displays but have never had the chance to create one on board a train,” said Jamie. “We wanted to create something which would bring a smile to passengers’ faces and help them to unwind ahead or following their flight.”

The train was expected to carry over 18,000 passengers on 150 journeys throughout the day. Train representatives were also waiting at each stop to hand out flowers to passengers for them to take home. This is definitely a commute that these people will never forget!

Find out more about this incredible flower display in the video below.