Parents Help Daughter Transform Gutted 1969 Camper Into Incredible Home

Jessica Allossery is an indie folk musician from Canada who spent over two years searching for the perfect vintage trailer that she could live in and take across the country. As soon as Jessica laid eyes on Pearl, a 15-foot 1969 vintage Bailey Mikado, she knew right away that this was the camper for her!

Though it was love at first sight for Jessica, the musician knew that it was going to take a lot of work to transform the “gutted rotting shell” of a camper into a home. Luckily for Jessica, her father is a talented carpenter and her mother is a creative craftswoman, and they were both willing to go all out to turn the camper into a home for their daughter.

“If you’re ever planning to take on a big renovation task, or try and redo ANYTHING that has the [word] *vintage* or *antique* in it, find a bottle of patience pills… and eat them, every. single. day,” Jessica advised afterwards. “Cause you’ll DEFINITELY need a lot of patience and perseverance to make your project come to life.”

You won’t believe how different the camper looked once Jessica’s parents were done with it! After the transformation, Jessica was able to take the camper all over the country, and she now refers to it as her “paradise on wheels.” It’s always amazing to see how creative folks can turn something like this old camper into a beautiful home. Check out the transformation for yourself in the video below!


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