Over 400 High School Teens Come Together To Build Tiny Homes For Veterans

Homelessness is sadly one of the biggest issues that our veterans face today. Thus, a group of over four hundred high school students came together to make a difference and pay their respect to those who serve our country.

Hundreds of teenagers from Sacramento, California just teamed up to take part in the 33rd annual Design/Build Competition to build tiny houses, sheds, playhouses, and agricultural structures for the homeless. The competition took place at Cosumnes River College, and students from 27 local high schools took part.

The students had been busily planning their structures since December, and professionals had come in to look over their designs to approve for build. Then, last week, the teenagers spent two days at the competition building them.

“We are excited about this, we are giving back to our community,” said high school senior Ian Smith.

Once the competition was over, some of the structures that were built were donated to local nonprofits, while others decided to sell their structures with the proceeds going to future school projects or Career Technical Education (CTE) classes. 26 tiny homes were built in the competition, and six of them were donated to homeless veterans.

The competition is hugely beneficial for the students as well, as they not only have the chance to do something nice for their community, they also get real life experience in the construction industry.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us, mostly the students that get to invest time in careers they’re interested in,” said teacher Rob Haywarth.

Find out more about this amazing program in the video below!


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