Mother Is Expecting Third Daughter – Has Priceless Reaction When She Learns It’s A Boy

Nancy and Will Ray are a couple from Raleigh, North Carolina who were already the parents of two daughters when they learned that they were expecting for a third time. When Nancy went into labor, they got an amazing surprise that has quickly gone viral, touching the hearts of people all over the world!

“We had gender surprises with our first two and we were totally shocked that both of them were girls,” Nancy explained.

With this third pregnancy, the couple wanted to know whether or not they were about to become parents to three girls. After getting an ultrasound around the 18-week mark, they were told that Nancy was indeed pregnant with a baby girl. When the expectant mother gave birth in December, the couple was shocked to discover that the ultrasound was mistaken.

As birth photographer Lauren Jolly snapped photos, she managed to capture the exact moment Nancy learned that she had actually given birth to a baby boy. She could not contain her surprise when she learned that she had a son!

“I was just holding her and saying how beautiful she was and when it was time to cut the cord, I turned the baby over and I said, ‘What is that — is this a boy baby!?’” Nancy  said.

“The midwives said, ‘Yes, we were waiting for you to see!’” she continued. “My husband runs over to check to make sure it was really a boy and he proceeds to literally fall on the floor. It was just hilarious. We were in shock on a lot of levels.”

Nancy and Will had initially decided to name the baby Rosie, but that plan has obviously changed! Now, they have decided to name their son Beaufort, and they could not be more pleased with him. Will in particular is happy to have another guy around the house!

“My husband is the happiest he could ever be,” Nancy said. “He always wanted a boy. He has just loved every second with him.”

Congratulations to this little family on their new blessing!


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